Word File Repair Tool (Doc & Docx)
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Key Features : Repair Tool for Word Files

  • Word file repair software has efficiency to work around hardest reasons that cause DOCX file corrupted
  • Our software repair and restore data from unlimited number of Word files with minimum time consumption
  • The software extracts text data from the Word file and ensures that no changes in originality of data is made after DOC and DOCX repair process

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For MS Word 2013/2010/2007
Free Download
For MS Word XP/2000/97/95

Error messages while opening the Word document definitely disturbing. This is why we present our Word file repair solution for help to fix the warning messages that makes Word file inaccessible. Our MS Word file repair tool is brilliantly engineered with latest techniques that enable users to get back data from Word 95, 97, 2000, XP, 2007, 2010 and 2013 documents with utter ease. The software specializes in fixing corruption error messages that lead to significant data inaccessibility. Our Word file repair tool for MS Word documents competently fixes the issues like the one mentioned below that generally arises when the user makes an attempt to open Word documents from earlier application version in the current one.

Save Recovered DOCX Word File As RTF or DOCX : Choice Is Yours!

Microsoft Word is counted amongst one of the best 'Word editors'. With our Word file repair tool, you are not facilitated with the opportunity to recover corrupt Word file data but also users are favored in saving recovered as DOCX or RTF file format so that the content can be read in other word editors also.

We understand your urge to try out the tool to check out its potential for DOC and DOCX repair. Download trial edition of the software that will facilitate you operating the tool and recover the data but will restrict you to save it. For data saving, investment in any of the three licenses of Word file repair tool is required.

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