Get Back BKF Data from Various Corruption Situations

Backup files are the mirror image of original data and can be helpful in different situations where users have lost access to their original data. Backup created via NTBackup in Windows XP and older editions of Windows is stored as BKF File at user desired location like external hard disk. BKF files store backup of entire selected data like folders, images, pst files, videos, documents etc. Backup files work as boon in multiple situations but there can be some scenarios where BKF file get corrupted & user need to get back BKF data restored on their system.

There can be several factors responsible for corruption of backup file and users have always the demand to get back corrupt BKF file accessible on their system. BKF file repair tool can repair corrupt BKF files & help to get back BKF data from severe corruption situations.


Remarkable Features of Get Data Back Software

  • Get healthy as well as get back corrupt BKF file successfully.
  • Get back BKF data at desired location.
  • Multiple scanning modes to scan backup file i.e. Quick, Deep and Range Based Scan.
  • With range based scan, one can easily restore large BKF files in different parts.
  • Availability of search box to find any specific file with name or extension.
  • It can work as NTBackup utility for Windows 7 & Windows 8 users to get data back from BKF files

Get Data Back to Preview Files for Free

Availability of demo version tool has helped everyone; as it can depict the entire process to get back BKF data with the limitation to extract BKF file which can be removed with the purchase of tool i.e. user can preview their files on system for free with demo tool.