How to Solve the BKF Error
An Inconsistency was encountered in the Requested Backup file?

Backing up the system from time to time is the most important thing for any computer user as noone is sure when a data loss may occur. To ensure that their data is safe Microsoft provides its users the NTBackup utility with Windows NT ( Windows Server 2000, 2003 and XP) using which the user can create BKF files to backsafe their data.

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What causes this error?

NTBackup is a backup utility that comes installed on the Windows XP machine. It can create a BKF file which can be used anytime to restore the data. However sometimes even these BKF files become inaccessible due to several reasons. In this situation it is recommended to use the Recovery that it can immediately carry out BKF Repair and restore your data. To undersand it in a more better way , you can take an example: Suppose you want to format your Windows XP machine. In this case you can create a backup of data and after formatting you can restore the data from the backup file. But sometimes when you try to access the BKF file it shows up an error stating :

“An Inconsistency was encountered in the Requested Backup file?”

This error means that the Backup file that you are using is in a critical state and cannot be used to recover data i.e. The BKF file itself is corrupted. The reasons that lead to corruption of BKF files are : Human errors , Malicious virus , ceasing off of the application during the backup process or when the backup remains incomplete because of several interruptions , CRC errors or due to voltage fluctuations that result in abrupt termination of application etc.

Quick way to check if the BKF file is corrupted

In this situation taking the backup on several tape medias and restoring a single backup at a time might solve the issue. However if this also not works then it is sure that the BKF file has got corrupted. Now you shall make use of the BKF Recovery software to repair the corrupt BKF file and recover the data.

Download BKF Repair Tool to reapir the damaged BKF file

If you search for a BKF Recovery Tool online there are multiple number of tools that are available in the market. But you need to chose the best BKF Recovery Software that can easily restore your important data without causing any damage to the data saved in the BKF file.

You should use the BKF repair tool which is an effective and powerful software that can restore the corrupt BKF data easily. It effectively repair the corrupt or damaged BKF file that has been created using the Windows NTBackup utiltity.